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If you are intent on buying property in Ghana then you must make sure you have fully researched the property history and the area you intend to buy in.

Ghana is divided up into 10 regions and subdivided into 170 districts. The majority of expats live in or near the major cities such as Accra, Tema and Kumasi. These cities provide many western comforts while still being “Ghanaian” in nature.

The coastal belt (where Accra is found) benefits from a ocean breeze and is consequently slightly cooler than the hotter, drier north, where temperatures regularly exceed 35ºC. The central region the rains are heavier and last longer.


Accra, Ghana’s capital, is the largest city and consequently attracts many expatriates due to the concentration of international companies here. Some of the better neighborhoods in Accra include Kasoa, Cantonments, Airport Residential and East and West Legon.